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  Are you considering selling your rental portfolio?

We offer cash purchases of tenanted investment properties - from single units to whole portfolios. Call to discuss your requirements.

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  Know someone that needs a fast cash sale?

We pay up to £1,000 for referral's that we purchase.

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  We are currently buying land in most areas with or without planning permission

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Don't have a property to sell yourself but know someone that does ? 

fast property sale
If you do not have a property to sell yourself but know someone that does, you could earn up to £1,000 in referral fees.

Put us in contact with someone that we eventually buy a property from and we will pay you a finders fee once the purchase has completed.

It may be one of your family members that require a quick sale, someone at work, or you may have a neighbour that urgently needs to move.

You may even drive past that big old house that needs a lot of work on your way to work each morning.

Let us know a little bit about the property, a few contact details if possible, and we will do the rest.

Even if you know nothing about a particular property but have noticed that it has been empty for a long time, call us and we will make the necessary enquiries and will do all of the leg work.

We are always looking for full time property finders that can provide us with suitable leads on a weekly or even daily basis. Regardless of your location, if you can provide us with good quality properties on a regular basis, please feel free to call us.

Whether you get details of properties from local estate agents, from friends or relatives, or whether you are in a job that lets you meet people that would be interested in a fast cash sale, call us, have a chat, and we may be interested in you doing it full time for a suitably large fee!

Remember, we will look at any property, in any area and in any condition.

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